Pig slaughter.

Traditional pig slaughter in the Babo Castle!



With its long forgotten tastes and atmosphere, you can experience a wonderful gastronomic experience in a real, unadulterated, 130-year-old lowland manor. 

First Day (Friday):

-Guests are accommodated in 14 rooms with 2-4 beds, seperate shower and TV.
-Arrival on Friday at 16 pm
-19 o’clock – dinner: A real plain goulash-kettle and a cottage cheese
-After dinner, reconciliation of the day-ahead programmes and relaxing the rest of the travelling
Second Day (Saturday):
-The pig slaughter starts at 6 a.m.
-Breakfast: onion, fur bread, hot cocoa, tea
-Lunch: Freshly made pork roast, toroscabbage
-In the afternoon, the processing of the pig continues (with voluntary help).
-Optional program: Bathing in the Nagybánhegyes Spa (5 km)
-Evening at 18 O’Clock Gala dinner: orjaleves with homemade slugs, cooked meat, sausage, homemade pickles
Third Day (Sunday):
-Breakfast is also pork: greaves, garlic abated bacon, fresh liver, coffee, tea
-Our guests can take home a tasting of their own hands, and there is also the possibility that our visitors can enjoy their own home-made pantry with real homemade delicacies.
-Departure: Sunday till 14 a.m. 


-Duration: 3 days 2 Nights
-Accommodation: in rooms with 2-4 beds, extra bed available
Children’s discounts: up to 8 years 50% discount

The participation Fee includes:
-full board, accommodation
-participation on the pig slaughter and the tasting package

Our Prices:
-For a minimum of 15 people, 17 000 Huf/person
-if there is a smaller number of participants, an individual agreement is required

If you are interested in an event like this, please let us know as soon as possible to help us organize the event.

Waiting for your call!

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