The Mezőkovácsháza Borostyán Camping and Swimming Bath has 3 swimming pools: a child, a 200cm gradually deepener swimming pool and a 36 ° C thermal pool. It also has a sandy football field and a volleyball court. 

Within a radius of 8 km, there are two thermal baths and we recommend to visit two fishing lakes and a few surrounding towns like Mezőkovácsháza (3 km), Tótkomlós (18 km), Orosháza-Gyopáros Bath (30 km), Gyula (40 km), Mezőhegyes (25 km) and Arad (40 km).


Tótkomlós, Rózsa Bath (18 km)

Massages, standing solarium and Finnish sauna of 92 °C.

Nagybánhegyes, Termal Bath (3 km)

Thermal Pool awaits guests in the whole year.

Orosháza, Gyopáros Bath (30 km)

Spa and adventure in the most modern spa area, ideal for younger guests.

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